April 18, 2013 : Srilanka: Rampant Child Abuse cases

Srilanka: Family found guilty in most child rape cases


Recent cases of rapes have been reported, involving children with close relatives found to be behind  majority of the crimes

The National Child Protection Authority ( NCPA) chairperson, Anom Dissanayake has reported that, “Close relatives are responsible for 99 per cent of reported cases of rape.” They also reported that these people usually move closely with the victims. The incident of rape by close relatives is more than rape by strangers.

Those most vulnerable to rape are girls in the 14-to-16 years age group, said Mrs. Dissanayake, adding that there have also been cases of children as young as seven and eight years being raped by family members.

A large number of the cases of underage rape are reported from families on the poverty line, living in poor, underdeveloped neighborhoods. “Close relatives are responsible for 99 per cent of reported cases of rape,” according to National Child Protection Authority (NCPA) chairperson, Anoma Dissanayake.

We can’t send these children back to live in the same unhealthy conditions,” said Mrs. Dissanayake of the National Child Protection Authority. “We have to find them proper safe homes, with people to look after them. The Ma Sewana is one institution that helps girls in such plights.”


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