April 22, 2013 : Srilanka: Ministry of Education appoints officials to monitor School Upgrade Programme

Srilanka (Colombo): Appointment of officials to monitor Thousand Secondary Schools Development Programme


Sri Lanka Ministry of Education appointed a Deputy Director General in addition to the Provincial Director for the nine provinces, to monitor the upgrading of schools under the “Thousand Secondary Schools Development programme”.

The programme aims to improve the education as a whole and promote Science and Maths Education. The Development of some 400 schools has been started under this programme. In 2012, the programme commenced with the development of 1000 secondary schools with the objective of solving the educational problems and shortcomings in disadvantaged rural schools and to introduce new reforms with new knowledge suitable for the contemporary world.

Although the programme mainly focuses on secondary schools, a number of primary schools will also be developed so as to link 3-5 primary schools which are affiliated to every secondary school. An allocation of Rs. 8.6 billion has been made for the programme that will be implemented from 2012 to 2016.


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