June 1, 2013 : Sri Lanka launches the Child Right to Family Campaign at the National Exhibition

National Exhibition at Dayata Kirula in Sri Lanka

Promoting Children’s Right to Family Campaign

School children at the exhibition going through the leaflet


The magnitude of child abuse in the Srilanka has reached alarming rates so much so that according to the Department of Attorney General , 70% of the criminal cases filed in the courts in Srilanka involve child abuse.

In addition the chairperson of the National Child Protection Authority also revealed that close relatives are responsible for nearly 99% of reported cases of rape. Children as young as 7- 8 years have been raped by family members.


Given this backdrop it was felt that there is an urgent need to raise awareness among children, parents, teachers and the general public about the importance of the family to protect and promote the rights of the child. The responsibilities of parents  to provide a safe and happy home for the child will enable the child to enjoy his/her rights- is an important and timely message that was felt to be disseminated by KSO.

Kantha Shakthi Organization (KSO), an organization working with women and children in Srilanka took the opportunity to reach out to a large number families and individuals to disseminate this message at the annual National Exhibition at Dayata Kirula which drew more than 1 million people in Srilanka.

Kantha Shakthi Organization (KSO) as the implementing partner in Sri Lanka for the project “Civil Society Alliance for Child Rights in South Asia” organized its first activity at the annual National Exhibition; Dayata Kirula which was held in the District of Ampara in the Eastern Province from the 23rd – 30th March 2013.

KSO displayed a ‘Child right to Family’ stall at this well renowned exhibition. KSO network partner organization in the Eastern Province, Women’s Development Forum (WDF) also promoted the campaign at the exhibition.

As many as 12,000 leaflets in both the local languages; Sinhala and Tamil were distributed. The exhibition saw school teachers, who showed a keen interest in the campaign and also supported students in the dissemination of the leaflets. The Campaign was a huge success among teachers, as they requested for additional campaign leaflets to distribute them among families and parents in their respective schools.