July 6, 2013 : Sri Lanka, Kurunegala workshop on awareness raising workshop on children’s right to family and family strengthening

A workshop on family strengthening was organised by Sri Lanka Muslim Women’s Society (SLMWS) on 6th July, 2013 in Kurunegala, Sri Lanka. The workshop was mainly organised to make parents aware on the rights that children have and on how to protect children against violence and abuse.

Children and Parents during the discussion

This workshop was conducted at a mosque in a  remote village called Hangamuwa.  Field officers of  SLMWS visited residents of the village to disseminate information and invite them to the workshop. The workshop saw 30 participants from the village out of whom 6 were children. The workshop through its various sessions focused upon parents duties towards their children and legal implications of neglecting duties, the importance of a harmonious family to provide proper care for a child,  role of government institutions that work to promote and protect children’s rights in the country. During the workshop the participants also spoke about welfare provided by government for children , like free school text books and uniform,schools for children with learning disabilities, free vaccinations and free nutrition supplements for underweight children.

200 Leaflets in Tamil language were distributed among participants to be shared with neighbours and friends talking about creating a happy environment for children at home and  how to protect the child within the family.