July 8, 2013 : Sri Lanka, Handagiriya workshop on the need for Children’s right to Family

A workshop on the need for Children’s right to family with  a focus on child marriage and it’s effect on children was organised in remote village Handagiriya on 8th july, 2013. Participants for the workshop comprising of 15 parents and 18 children were brought together by coordinating with the field officer and members of children’s clubs in Handagiriya.

A participant giving her presentation on effects of child marriage on children

The workshop focused on discussions on the incidents of child marriages occurred in the village which led to subsequent violations of child rights and how children’s right to family could be ensured to deal with the issue. The workshop also explored the possible solutions they could suggest for their own village.18 children participated in this workshop and shared their ideas and views in group work activities on the possible solutions to end child marriage in their village.  A total of 260 leaflets were distributed to participants to be shared among their school mates, friends and relatives.