June 1, 2013 : Sri Lanka: Govt. to take education to the highest level by the year 2020

Douglas Devananda, Minister of Traditional Industries and Small Enterprise Development, participating as the Chief Guest at the ceremony held at the Kopay National Education Institute on Friday (07) to mark the awarding of appointments to 201 graduates, said that plans are on the pipeline to take education in Sri Lanka to the highest level in the world, under the guidance of  President Mahinda Rajapakse through his “Mahindodaya” programme where 1000 selected schools island-wide were being developed to be fully fledged educational institutes, and work on many had already been completed, added the Minister.

Speaking further, the Minister said that as there was a severe dearth of teachers in the Northern Province to teach particular subjects, President Rajapaksa had permitted to recruit graduate teachers to teach these subjects and it was in accordance to the permission so granted that he was awarding the appointments to the graduates on that day.

He urged the new appointees not to consider the appointments they received on that day merely as a livelihood but an opportunity entrusted to lead the younger generation in the correct path.  Speaking at length, the Minister said that it was the responsibility of the new appointees to sustain and develop the existent level of education not only in Jaffna district but also in the entire Northern Province.

The Minister also stated that he was in discussion with the education authorities to give permanent appointments to 531 qualified voluntary teachers presently in service in the North, and action deemed necessary to give training to the new appointees too would be looked into, the Minister added.


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