July 14, 2013 : Sri Lanka, Bandukanda, Awareness raising workshop on Children’s Right to Family

As a part of the Children’s Right to Family campaign, a workshop on awareness raising on Children’s right to Family was organised on 14th July, 2013 in  a tea estate in a remote village in  Bandukanda, Sri Lanka . A total of 20 children from the children’s club in the area and 17 mothers participated in the workshop. During the workshop they were  asked to write down the issues that they face with regard to children and the protection of their rights. Various issues ranging from, protection for children when they return from school, increase of drunkards in the village, girls under the age of 12 being sexually abused, verbal abuse and family disputes affecting children’s education, disability and lack of access to education were discussed during the workshop.

Children and Parents during the group discussion

Parents and elders responsibilities towards children, the incidents where elders and parents violate child rights were discussed using flip charts and posters.  Pictures were used to depict child abuse for the better understanding of issues. 20 children who participated in the workshop were involved in the group work with their mothers.  They were made aware of their rights and how to identify and prevent abuse before it takes place.