August 12, 2013 : Sri Lanka: Bandaragama workshop to sensitise government field officers working at the grassroots level on identifying and strengthening vulnerable families.

Kantha Shakthi (K S) organised  workshop on identifying and strengthening vulnerable families with officers working at the grass roots level at the Divisional Secretariat (DS) office in a village called Bandaragama in the District of Kalutara on 12th August, 2013.

The Social Services Officer attached to the DS office organised the workshop and was instrumental in disseminating the information about same among the various filed officers attached to his office. A total of 125 participants were present comprising of the following officers; Child Rights Promotion Officer, Grama Niladharis (heads of village subdivisions), Samurdhi Officers (Welfare Scheme Officers), Development Officers, Field Officers.

Resource person addressing the participants

According to the requirements of KSOs campaign action plan the activity was discussed with the trainer from National Social Development Institute  NISD who was instrumental in organising the workshop with the assistance of the Social Service Officer (SSO) of Bandaragama DS office.  The workshop mainly focused on the basic rights of a child; survival, development, protection and participation. It also probed in to various aspects of a modern family, how domestic violence manifests and affects children, how children can be protected in families and how vulnerable families can be identified ans strengthened.