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Sri Lanka Campaign Gallery

Kiridigala, Balangoda Awareness raising workshop for parents and children: 29th  June 2013

Parents and Children meeting 1

Parents and Children’s M

Parents and Children’s Meetings

Kurunegala workshop on Family strengthening: 6th July, 2013

Discussion during the meeting

Discussion on family strengthenin

Handagiriya Awareness raising workshop for parents and children: 8th July, 2013

Parents brainstorming on children’s issues

Presentation by one of the participan

Children playing after the workshop

Bandukanda Awareness raising workshop for parents and children: 14th July, 2013

Children and Parents during the workshop

Parents and children preparing presentations during the workshop

Children and Parents working together during the workshop


Neluwa workshop to identify and strengthen vulnerable Families: 26th July,2013

Workshop Discussion 1

Workshop Presentation 1

From a session during the workshop

Bandaragama Workshop to identify and strengthen families: 12th August, 2013

Field officers at the Workshop 1

Resource person addressing the participants


Session with the Government officials

Hapugusthena  Awareness Workshop: 16th September 2013

Participants during the meeting


Participants listening intently during the Workshop

Group Activity during the Workshop

Godakumbura Awareness Workshop: 17th September, 2013

Parents and children during the Workshop

Participants during the Workshop

Presentation by a participant

Damahana, Awareness Raising Workshop for parents and children on Child Rights to Family: 21st September, 2013

Children and Parents during the Workshop

Participants having intense discussions during the workshop

Participants preparing for group presentation


Nepal Campaign Gallery:

ESSAY competition: May- June 2013

CWSN- ESSAY Competition

Prize Distribution: Essay Competit  

Winner: Essay Competition 

District-Level Open Folk Song Competition, Kaski : 11th June, 2013

Children’s Club: Folk Dance Competition 

Folk Dance competition 2

Public Release of the Poster on Children’s Right to Family

Workshop: The Situation of Child Labor at Hotel/Restaurants and the Role of the Stakeholders for its abolition: 10th July 2013

Workshop 2

Children’s Representation in the Work

National Workshop on My Family is My first Right: 18th-  19th August 2013

Delhi Campaign Launch Gallery: 


I Dream of a Family

The Workshop gets interesting!


A sketch by one of the children participants displaying the importance of quality time spent with child 

A Child’ sketching his Mother!