May 28, 2012 : India: Theatre graduate gives new roles to street children

India: Theatre graduate gives new roles to street children

Chandigarh: Zulfikar Khan, a theatre graduate from the Punjab University, chucked up a professional career to help the street children. And thanks to him, they are enacting new roles.

Mindro Devi came to Chandigarh after her husband and a daughter died in Dehradun. For 20 years, she has been a rag-picker in the city. But Khan intervened at the right moment to stop her son Anup from following in her footsteps. Mindro Devi is now a proud mother, while her son is ecstatic fulfilling his theatrical fantasies.

Mindro Devi says, “People used to abuse him and now they clap for him. My hard work has paid off. He now tells me that the moment I get a job, you will relax and stop working.”

From ragpickers to performing arts, from slums to theatre, it’s been a long journey for Zulfikar and his flock. From facing slaps to hearing claps, it’s a journey that has at least given these children an option to choose their call in the theatre of life.

Reference : IBN Live