June 1, 2013 : India launches the Child Right to Family Campaign: My Caring Family, My first right!



BUTTERFLIES launches the

Children’s right to Family Campaign

The State of the World’s Children 2006 published by UNICEF mentions that in 2003,143 million children in 93 developing nations had lost one or both parents.”

My Caring Family. My first right!



Butterflies, Delhi along with the Delhi Rights Club launched the South Asian Alliance for Grassroots NGO’s Campaign on Children’s Right to Family

The Workshop was organised to understand children’s various perspectives on how they understand their families. Children expressed themselves in numerous ways, a few articulated the idea by sketching the love they feel for their families while a few communicated by how each member in the family has a pivotal role to play in their well being.
To mark the launch of the campaign  a Drawing and Photography Workshop was organised at the office premise in Green Park, Delhi on 31st May 2013. 30 children from 8 organisations; Salaam Balak Trust, Aalamb, YWCA, CAST, Jamghat, Navjyoti India Foundation and Angaja Foundation participated in the workshop.

As a part of the workshop, a photography session was also organised to capture Children’s view on Family, how they perceive the notion of family and how they associate themselves to their families. Children took many pictures of other children with their families depicting the love and sense of warmth and security they feel when they are around the members of their families!


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