March 30, 2013 : India: Butterflies begins Child Protection Campaign


India: Beginning of the Child Protection Campaign


Butterflies and Family for Every Child, a global network of child rights groups, called upon India to become a ‘child protection champion’ on the world stage.

 “The lack of protection and care for vulnerable children is a global crisis with many millions of children growing up outside of families, experiencing abuse, neglect or exploitation,” said Rita Panicker, founder of Butterflies, Family for Every Child’s Indian member that works with street children in New Delhi. “Concerted global action is now needed to raise children’s protection in the international agenda – and to monitor the impact of Governments’ efforts in ensuring that children can grow up safe and protected in families,” she also added. Panicker said as an emerging global political power, India has a critical role to play in advancing the cause of care and protection for vulnerable children.

Rising number of children worldwide are experiencing abuse, neglect and exploitation. The rights of the world’s most vulnerable children must be placed at the hearts of plans for new global development goals being currently debated by the United Nations and its member countries. The meeting urged representatives of governments, UN bodies and human rights and development groups to call for new global targets to track states’ records in protecting vulnerable children.


Reference: The Pioneer