September 30, 2013 : Formation of the Watchdog Committee for the SAAGN Alliance

The SAAGN members called for the formation of the Watchdog Committee within the alliance to work on analyzing and promoting advocacy initiatives on Policy decisions, Legislations, Implementation and updates that are relevant to Rights of Children and allied issues.

The SAAGN members met during the International Consultation in Kathmandu in August 2013 to formalize the structure of the Watchdog Committee in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, India and Sri Lanka. The Watchdog Committee of the South Asian Alliance of Grassroots NGOs will consist of representatives from each country chapter, with the country lead organizations anchoring the activities.

As organizations dedicated to working with and for children and to advocate for Child Rights, the Committee will keep a check on all news items, campaigns and events related to Child Rights in each of the five countries. The idea behind establishing the Committee is to visiblise Best Practices, successes along with cases of violation of child rights in the South Asian region and bring it to the attention of the citizenry, policy makers and government functionaries.

The Watchdog Committee will capture and record news and updates from the region, besides compiling and submitting its recommendations to the SAARC and SAIEVAC bodies. These recommendations of the Committee will also be reflected in the collaborative campaigns that the SAAGN alliance takes up, supports in its coming phase. The updates and recommendations of the Committee can be viewed on the website of the SAAGN network- and in its periodic newsletters circulated to all members, stakeholders and government institutions that have participated with the alliance so far.