“My Caring Family is My First Right”: A Regional Communication Campaign on the Children’s Right to a family by 139 organization of the South Asian Alliance of Grassroots Organizations (SAAGN) for Childs Rights

The SAAGN Alliance believes that the family remains the institution where Children’s Rights can be fulfilled. The Regional campaign therefore aims at focusing on developing greater awareness in the wider public and among relevant stakeholder groups and institutions concerning the importance of a loving and caring family.

The campaign therefore focuses on building strong advocacy and communication tools to bring the Right of Families to Children to keep them away from abuse, labour and ensure them a safe childhood.

Families are the place where children should find the love, respect and the trust that will help them to grow and fully develop their personality, their potentials and a pathway to a future, building the resilience and the skills to tackle the challenges of the world. Families should also be the natural place where the most important child rights can be fulfilled: such as the right to an identity, the right to be heard and listened to, the right to enjoy access to health and education.

The advocacy and awareness campaign will be implemented from June to September across Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka to bring to notice of the governments of the region, the following aspects:

-The Family is the First Right of every Child

-Government bodies, Ministries and Institutions, along with support from NGOs to work in sync with each other to ensure that families that are economically and socially weak can receive welfare schemes and measures to keep the family unit together.

-Participation of local self- government functionaries in ensuring 100% provision of services- educational, nutritional and health to all children .

-Greater awareness of all rights, national schemes, policies and services that children and their families can avail to ensure that children can enjoy their right to family.