Campaign Events


 National Workshop on “My Family is My First Right”


The National Workshop  on My Family is My First Right” was organized by the SAAGN alliance partner, Child Nepal on 18th – 19th August 2013 at Kathmandu. The main objective of the workshop was to sensitize government agencies on child rights issues and to promote advanced and positive changes in the implementation of policies and legislations and also to carry out discussions on the Thematic Areas of Violence Against Children proposed to be discussed during the SAAGN Consultation.  There were a total of 66 participants from different sectors like governmental offices (National Human Rights Commission, Central Children Welfare Board, Ministry of Education, Department of Education, Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare Nepal, Women and Children Cell of Police), non-governmental offices (CWIN, INSEC, UNICEF), Child Rights Activists, Legal Professionals, Media Persons and representatives from other SAAGN member organisations.
Five paper presentation on the five different thematic areas :Child Marriage, Trafficking, Sexual Abuse and Exploitation, Corporal Punishment and Child Labor were presented which focused on the present situation of children, causes and effects, recommendations and the role of the government and other stakeholders in each of the thematic areas


Workshop on:  The Situation of Child Labor at Hotel/Restaurants and the Role of the Stakeholders for its abolition” 

CWSN organised a Workshop on “The Situation of Child Labor at Hotel/Restaurants and the Role of the Stakeholders for its abolition” as a part of  the Children’s Right to Family Campaign. The workshop was organized by our three alliance partners, Forum of Human Rights and Environment (FOHREn), Seto Gurans and Bal Samaj Nepal on 10th July 2013 at Biratnagar.  A total of 50 participants includng children from different sectors like governmental offices (National Human Rights Commission, District Children Welfare Board, District Education Office, Women and Children Cell of Police, School, Colleges, Biratnagar Sub-Municipality), non-governmental offices (CWIN, Plan Nepal , UNICEF, Women Awareness Center, World Vision, Child Society Nepal), professional organizations and Trade union ( Hotel Association), different child clubs, child network, rescued children with their parents, civil society and media took part in the workshop
The workshop saw paper presentations  regarding the situation of child labor in Biratnagar and the role of the stakeholders for its abolition.  It was highlighted during he workshop  that most of the children are engaged in domestic work where 47% of children are not able to get money their dues for work.  Group work within three groups:  a) the governmental official, Political Parties, Local self government, b) Professional Organizations, Trade Union, School, Child Club c) NGOs/INGOs,  Civil Society, Parents, Media  were also carried out to understand stakeholders’ role for child rights protection.


ISDE Bangladesh organized a sensitization meeting on Children’s Right to Family on 26th June 2013 at CSDF auditorium, Chandgaon, Chittagong with the help of SAAGN and Aparajeo Bangladesh. Teachers, political leaders, youth leaders, social and women activities, journalist were invited to take part in the meeting. 30 participants from various stakeholder groups who participated in this workshop, delved into the issue of Child rights violations taking place socially and institutionally in our society, family, educational institutions, working place, etc.

A similar meeting was organised on  the Children’s Policy by Government and Children’s Act 1974 on June 26, 2013 in Khulna at MSSUS auditorium .  The Chief guest was Masuma Begum, District Organizer, Bangladesh Shishu(Children) Academy.  The meeting focused on the importance of community awareness, which is essential for child rights protection, wherein Children’s  Right to Family also plays an essential role. There were a total of 42 participant from various stakeholder who took part in the discussion.