June 29, 2013 : Sri Lanka, Balangoda Awareness Raising Workshop for Parents and Children on child’s right to family and family strengthening

Kantha Shakthi organised an Awareness raising workshop for parents and children on child’s right to family and family strengthening in Balangoda on 26th June 2013 as a part of the campaign on children’s right to Family. The workshop was held at the community centre in a remote village, Kiridigala in Balangoda. The participants were notified about the workshop through the members of the children’s society. A total of 30 participants attended this workshop of which there were 18 mothers and 9 children.

The meetings involved discussions with parents on what are the problems of the children in their area and what are the kinds of child rights violations and what are the solutions they could identify? Participants were divided in groups  and leaders from the three groups presented their written statements. The focal person carried out a brain storming session to gather ideas to overcome the CR violations.

A total of 9 children participated in the workshop and took part in the workshop activities. They gained a wide knowledge about their rights and how to identify abusers and how to take preventative action. Leaflets were distributed to children of which they took additional copies to be shared with their friends. A total of 120 leaflets were distributed among the participants to be shared among their school mates, friends and relatives.