May 9, 2012 : Afghanistan: Is no longer worst place for mothers.

Afghanistan no longer worst place for mothers.

Children need help to survive. That’s where WE come in. We traveled the world and recorded actual heartbeats of children in need. These heartbeats were used by OneRepublic to create an original song that you can download to help us save millions of children.

Every 3 seconds a child survives thanks to the basic health care provided by frontline health workers. Frontline health workers help children all over the world survive the leading causes of death, including newborn complications, pneumonia, diarrhea, malaria, and malnutrition.

But global estimates suggest we need at least a million more frontline health workers in developing countries. With proper training, supplies and support, frontline health workers — such as community health workers and midwives —could help save most of the 7 million children who still die each year.

Two-thirds of child deaths could be prevented with simple, low-cost interventions delivered by health workers in clinics and in communities. Many have been trained with support provided to Save the Children by the U.S. government and other governments so that frontline health workers can bring lifesaving care to hard-to-reach communities and make the survival of children a reality worldwide.

Reference : Save the Children