March 7, 2013 : Child Welfare Scheme Nepal ( CWSN) conducts Stakeholder Workshop: Child Rights training for Local Self Government Authorities

NEPAL: Workshop with Local Self Government Authorities


As a part of the Civil Society Alliance for Child Rights in South Asia project, Child Welfare Scheme Nepal ( CWSN) conducted a two-day training programme on child rights for Local Self Government Authorities on the 17th and 18thof January 2013 in Palpa, Nepal. Backwardness Eradication Society (BES) Palpa, one of the active members of the national alliance, locally coordinated the training programme. The objective of the training was to educate the local self government authorities about the rights of children and their protection issues, to help them become more accountable in matters concerning children and to strongly support children in realizing their rights. A total number of 27 participants took part in the training programme, who were mainly local self government staff from various departments including Secretaries of Village Development Committees, Municipality staff, District Development Committees and representatives from District Child Welfare Board, District Education Office and District Public Health Office.